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Prof. Morelli
Prof. G. Morelli
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80134 - Napoli (ITA)
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Prof. Giancarlo Morelli
University of Naples “Federico II”, Napoli Italy

Giancarlo Morelli earned a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Napoli in 1980 and did a postdoctoral stay at ETH Zurich from 1980-1981. He joined the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Naples in 1983. He is now full professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry at Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Naples “Federico II”. Since 1998 he is Member of the Scientific Committee of CIRPeB – Research Centre on Bioactive Peptides.

Giancarlo Morelli’s research interest lie in peptide chemistry and in the study of the interaction between bioactive peptides and metal ions. The relationship between structure and activity of several peptide systems has been the object of his investigations, carried out with a variety of experimental techniques. The research goal is the understanding of the mechanism of action of biologically relevant systems and the development of new peptide conjugates as diagnostics, for nuclear medicine and MRI techniques, and therapeutics. More recently, scientific interest has been addressed to the development of peptide based target selective delivery systems for diagnostics and drugs. G. Morelli is author of more than one hundred papers and of several patents.

Giancarlo Morelli coordinates multi-centre research projects at national or international level. He joins to the European Molecular Imaging Laboratories (EMIL), a network funded by European Community, and participates to the European Union project Cost action “Targeted Radionuclide Therapy”. Giancarlo Morelli is member of the Italian Society of Chemistry, and of the Italian Network on Metals in Biological Systems.