Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sui Peptidi Bioattivi Member of Italian Association of Environmental Chemistry


CIRPEB is located in Napoli (Italy), via Mezzocannone 16, in one of the buildings, part of central core of the University "FEDERICO II".

Via Mezzocannone,16 - Main entrance
Via Mezzocannone,16 - Main entrance

About us

Scientific cooperation between research groups working on different aspects of the same scientific subject is a difficult goal to achieve. Rarely chemists, pharmacologists, biochemists, physical-chemists, clinic researchers, have the opportunity of joining and discussing common projects, even though the need for scientific exchanges is deeply felt. Many efforts have been made by some official institutions [European Community, Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), National Research Council] to meet this problem, but the results are still to be appreciated. Beside this, the efforts of the public research institutions are mainly devoted to basic research, while the applied research is generally carried on by private enterprises.
Since 1991, the University "FEDERICO II" of Naples and the Second University of Naples (SUN) have established an Interuniversity Research Centre on Bioactive Peptides (C.I.R.PE.B.). The Centre is constituted by scientists belonging to different groups of various scientific disciplines such as biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology, zoology, agricultural sciences, gastroenterology, dermatology, paediatrics.
The Centre offers to private enterprises the opportunity to sponsor and cooperate on applied researches developed within the Centre which are also linked to basic researches generally carried out in different Departments of the University. Any cooperation is specifically guaranteed by official agreements.
Over the years, the Centre has obtained great attention and success in promoting researches for the scientific results achieved thanks to the following facts:

  • at the University of Naples there is a consistent number of well known experts doing research in the field of peptides, by the use of many different techniques and methodologies;
  • many state-of-the-art apparatus and research facilities are available to the scientists of the Centre;
  • a sound and continuous interest in the peptide field from small and medium size enterprises has been constantly growing;
  • the localization of the Centre in the South of Italy has favoured new investments as a consequence of the recent laws at the level of local, national and European governments;
  • among the various activities, the Centre also promote the training of highly specialized personnel, in areas that are of great interest to enterprises;
  • the Centre also promotes the organization of seminars, meetings, workshops, symposia and round tables with the participation of experts with different backgrounds.